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Broadcast1Source was developed in 2003 as a collaboration between state broadcaster associations and Litéra Corp. Under the guidance and review of leading attorneys specializing in the broadcasting sector, our goal since inception has been to provide you with a comprehensive, user-friendly portal for simplified compliance and record keeping.
Created by broadcasters for the broadcast community, the Broadcast1Source portal was specifically developed to help you fulfill multiple FCC requirements using the industry’s leading technology tools. Broadcast1Source upholds our commitment to innovation and to you with consistent attention to new and upcoming changes in FCC regulations. Our quick response to these rapidly evolving requirements gives you the tools you need to better manage your FCC-related compliance and record-keeping requirements.
For Corporate Compliance Experts:
Attain a birds-eye view of your entire compliance effort from your desk at the corporate office. You have the option of taking a quick global look at your program or drilling down into an individual market to guide staff through the steps necessary to maintain compliance.
For Market Level Compliance Managers:
Secure your business with a systemized process for managing all aspects of EEO compliance including:
  • Multiple Station Employment Units.
  • One (1) SEU with multiple stations.
  • Two (2) or more stations.
Includes an alert system, digital storage for all other Public Inspection File components and one-click posting of mandated reports to station websites, or your station profile on www.FCC.gov.
For Hiring Managers:
Dramatically streamline the hiring process with the capability to digitally manage every step from the posting to interview tracking to resume storage.

Broadcast1Source® is pioneering software solutions for EEO Compliance, Broadcaster Auditing and e-PIF Management for U.S. television and radio broadcasting companies.
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