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Broadcast1Source is a comprehensive, user-friendly portal that offers much more than job vacancy notification. Our software system simplifies compliance with a single-source solution to consistent record keeping, effective self-monitoring, reliable FCC Audit preparedness, and streamlined management of all your Local Public Inspection File (ePIF) requirements.
Our central, paperless system gives all stations, big or small, a tremendous advantage – more efficient record keeping, reduced EEO compliance efforts, significant time savings, and a measurable difference in your bottom line. But even more important is the high level of quality and audit readiness that places your business in a position of increased confidence and success.

All of these benefits come at a fraction of your current costs.
EEO Compliance and Outreach
To comply with FCC rules and regulations, you need comprehensive and reliable data management services. Broadcast1Source is a secure, password-protected, web-based system that automatically allows you to track the entire hiring process, with thorough documentation of your recruitment efforts. Created by broadcasters for the broadcast community, Broadcast1Source gives you the tools to manage all aspects of the FCC’s EEO Compliance and Outreach regulations.
  • Effortlessly send job opening information via fax and e-mail to Prong 1 and Prong 2 agencies.
  • Customize your send-to list for each specific opening, choose from your own agency list or gain direct access to thousands of agencies listed in our database.
  • Track the entire interview and hiring process, along with referral sources, and maintain job-specific files of all hiring processes.
  • Measure other outreach efforts, including on-air and print communications, as part of your Supplemental Outreach Initiatives (Prong 3) and calculate points earned.
  • Garner one-click response readiness in the event of a FCC audit.
The FCC has called for the broadcasting community to conduct meaningful self-evaluation of employment practices and to document the evaluation process for these self-audits. With Broadcast1Source, you’ll be ready. In consultation with expert advisors, we have developed a self-auditing module that helps you conduct meaningful self-evaluations on a periodic basis, creating digital documentation of your efforts.
  • Developed by top communications attorneys.
  • Leads you through the process of meaningful self-evaluation.
  • Documents the output with verifiable records that are ready for filing.
  • Records each self-audit event and allows you to view or print as needed.

With Broadcast1Source in place, outreach performance, corrective measures and FCC compliance become simplified and reliable.
e-PIF: Online Public Inspection File
The Electronic Public Inspection File (e-PIF) system helps you manage the FCC requirement that calls for broadcasters to offer public access to their inspection files on www.FCC.gov. With our e-PIF system, Broadcast1Source gives your personnel a powerful tool for managing files, adding to and updating them, and posting directly to the Internet.

Broadcast1Source empowers your Public File management strategies to work effectively through document storage, collaboration and seamless upload from your Broadcast1Source account to www.FCC.gov. This easy-to-use, fully synchronized system includes tools that help you ensure complete compliance with federal regulations.

  • Customize our alert system with reminders that suit your needs.
  • Create Public Inspection Files with one click.
  • Upload EEO Public Files to the Internet in seconds.
  • Maintain online records of multiple FCC public files, including digital storage for your growing political file.
  • Use drag-and-drop technology for quick and streamlined document upload.
  • Organize data with a revised folder system structure that is unique to each medium.
  • Brand your online e-PIF page with your logo.
Training and Support
Broadcast1Source takes great pride in our exceptional availability and responsiveness. Our number one focus is helping you in all aspects of EEO compliance management. Customer care is more than just a part of our software package – it is our core value.

To support your compliance efforts and ensure your success, we offer:
  • Customized “go live” online training meetings designed specifically for your market users.
  • Weekly online training meetings.
  • Downloadable user guides.
  • E-mail and phone support.
  • Exceptional programming and development support.

Broadcast1Source® is pioneering software solutions for EEO Compliance, Broadcaster Auditing and e-PIF Management for U.S. television and radio broadcasting companies.
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